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What We’re Thankful For.

6 min read
November 26, 2014

Between opening a new Rochester office to acquiring the assets to Travers Collins to doubling in size and increasing our revenue 50% to being recognized by Buffalo Business First as one of WNY’s Fastest Growing Companies and Best Private Companies, it’s been a great year at The Martin Group. We have an amazing team and work with a great group of clients, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s what we’re all most thankful for:

I’m thankful for the tiny miracle that will be blessing my husband and me in May, 2015. I’m also thankful for elastic pants and pickle spears.
—Christie W. Berardi, Director of Business Development, Brand Manager

I’m thankful for living on the north side of lake effect snow.
—Susan Asquith, Senior VP, Public Relations

I am so thankful to have such a supportive family — both Coogan and Majchrzak sides. I know I can count on them for anything (including shoveling snow for hours on end) and feel very blessed to have them in my life.
—Lianne Coogan, Senior Art Director 

I’m thankful for my wife Lindsey. Without her constant support, I wouldn’t believe in myself enough to keep going. I’m also thankful for my friend and coworker Andrew Ucci, who constantly reminds me of the inherent absurdity of life.
—Terry Caber, Art Director

Hadley_400I’m thankful for my new chocolate lab puppy, Hadley!
—Sarah DiPofi, Public Relations Coordinator

I am thankful for all of the veterans who have volunteered to put their own lives on hold so that all of us could pursue our own dreams in peace and security at home.
—Kevin Heffernan, Brand Coordinator

I am so thankful to have one more Thanksgiving with my grandma. She’s 92 and we recently found out she has cancer so this will likely be her last, but I’m so grateful to have had her in my life this long and to be able to share another holiday exchanging laughs and memories with my “Gram” and the rest of my family.
—Jennifer Hoffmire, Copywriter

I am thankful for the roof over my head, my supportive friends and family, and the unconditional love from my dog. 🙂
—Jennifer Houle, Brand Manager

I’m thankful to be back in Western New York with a great opportunity at a growing, innovative company like The Martin Group. And while I gave myself a black eye shoveling out in Marilla, I’m thankful for no serious damage or injuries from Snowvember. Welcome to Buffalo…
—John Jiloty, Social Media Manager

badger_400I’m thankful for my family, friends, gardens, roads to run on and my doggies, Bella and Badger.
—Sharon Linstedt, Senior Public Relations Counselor

I’m thankful and feeling very blessed to have Robin Needham, Shannon McCabe and Krista Sobon working with me in TMG’s media department. And on the home front, I’m VERY thankful that my 20-year-old snowblower did not break down during Snowvember!
—Jim Lynch, Media Director

I’m thankful for my family, friends and associates. Lucky man.
—Tod Martin, President, Creative Director 

I am thankful for a creative partner who gets it, wants it and has a mind full of good stuff.
—Greg Meadows, Vice President, Creative Director

I’m thankful for having another year of holiday traditions with my family. I’m thankful for friends, relatives and making new memories and traditions. I’m also thankful to live in such a beautiful city of wonderful neighbors.
—Kristen Perri, Senior Brand Manager

I am thankful for Kaleida Health. They are not only a great client & partner, but recently took amazing care of my loved one. Taking care of all of us is truly what they do.
—Kelli Putney, Senior Vice President, Brand Strategist

I’m thankful for my wife’s dedication and perseverance of holding the family together while I was trying to make my way home after the storm.
—Dave Riley, Creative Director

I am thankful and always reflective on Thanksgiving — my favorite day of the year — appreciative for all the good things God has bestowed on me, beginning with two loving parents who taught me the Golden Rule; my beautiful wife of nearly 38 years and our two wonderful sons; a job that provides a good living and the opportunity to work with clients and associates who help bring out the best in my professional abilities; a half-way decent golf swing; a love of music; and perhaps most of all — good health.
—Dick Shaner, Senior Vice President, Public Relations

I am thankful for Dave, Elliana and Grayson. Team Strock!
—Lisa Strock, Senior Vice President, Client Services

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