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Susan Zeigler

Associate Media Director

Susan joined The Martin Group already possessing a depth of media knowledge and expertise. Previously, she worked for TMX Finance, Push, and Kidd Group, where she provided top-tier media services to such organizations as TitleMax, Daytona Beach CVB, Smokey Bones BBQ, Tijuana Flats, Arnold Palmer Invitational, Wright State University, Orlando Health, and Palm Beach Cultural Council. With experience spanning the financial, healthcare, education, travel & tourism, and restaurant industries, Susan’s organized, analytical nature and passion for all things media have been an unstoppable pairing. Susan is Google Ads and Analytics certified and has managed a team overseeing buys in 50+ markets. When not making media magic for our clients, this self-described coffee addict enjoys hiking, boating, and taking part in any activity that allows her to relax in nature with the people she loves.