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Nicole Napodano-Borelli

Senior Art Director

Growing up in a close-knit Italian family, Nicole learned to value establishing emotional connections with those around her. While attending Nazareth College for Visual Communication, she quickly fell in love with the advertising industry due to the fact that she could evoke emotions in consumers through her visual designs. She went on to work for a wedding stationery company where she designed for 2,000+ weddings, creating excellent customer experiences by helping couples to see the stationery as a reflection of their big day. A food and wine enthusiast, her passions have also translated to successful freelance work with clients such as Robert Mondavi, Svedka, and Corona. Nicole’s professional experiences and personal values make her the perfect fit for our dedicated Wegmans team, where she uses her love of food and family to connect with Wegmans’ diverse consumer following through graphic design. When she’s not in the office, you’ll likely find Nicole spending time with family and friends while partaking in her favorite hobbies: baking and cooking, hitting up wineries and breweries, and lounging out at her family’s cottage in the 1000 Islands.