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Dre LoPiccolo

Motion Designer

A natural problem-solver and a self-proclaimed maximalist, Dre LoPiccolo utilizes their command of graphic design, animation, and video production to deliver motion design solutions suited to our clients’ unique needs. Dre’s desire to work in a creative profession led them to earn two separate degrees in their field, build their experience on set and in post-production (video editing, audio editing, effects, color correction, etc.), and to join and become a board member of AAF Buffalo. Over the course of their career, Dre has worked on various accounts, including Rich Products, Upstate Farms, Freed Maxick, and the Pierce Arrow Museum. A diehard Bills fan and an ardent concert-goer, Dre enjoys doing arts and crafts, going to the movies, playing sports, skateboarding and snowboarding, discovering vinyl records and vintage treasures, and spending time with their four fabulous cats.