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A Successful Semester for Our PR Intern

3 min read
December 13, 2016


Exactly three months ago I walked into Martin Davison PR with an open mind and a fluttering heart. Thankfully the nerves were instantly put to ease as everyone welcomed me with open arms. I quickly learned about the team’s adoration of dogs and craft beer and knew that I would find a home at MDPR.

All jokes aside, I was instantly intrigued by the fast paced environment MDPR had. A few months prior to accepting my position as a public relations intern here, I toured the agency with a class from my school – Buffalo State College. Between seeing Dick Shaner’s passion for his profession and learning that no two days are the same, I was assured that I was in the right field.

The very best thing about this experience is that I was able to work alongside each member of the team on different projects. This being said, I learned about all of the agency’s clients and saw events/campaigns come together in the works. Whether it was making media lists or attending press conferences, the team has made me feel like a member of the MDPR family.

My favorite experience thus far was attending a press conference for the “Just Tell One” campaign – a public awareness initiative to promote better mental, emotional and behavioral health. Working with a couple of members from the team at this event gave me great insight into how PR professionals and media members work together. I was also given the opportunity to attend a media event for the release of Big Ditch Brewing Company’s new cans. I have met so many incredibly talented and intelligent people through these experiences and I am eternally grateful.

As my final day at MDPR and my last day as an undergrad come to an end, I am overwhelmed with a bittersweet feeling. Thanks to this incredible team I will leave here confidently knowing public relations is the right field for me.



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