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Spending a Summer at The Martin Group: 2018 Intern Takeaways

September 27, 2018

Pat Collins, Junior, Canisius College

Rather than waiting for summer to pursue a job opening, I was fortunate enough to begin working at The Martin Group in the midst of my second semester of college. Seven months ago, in the dead of winter, I strode into 620 Main Street as a 20-year-old agency newcomer. Upon arrival, I knew that my time at The Martin Group was going to be special – I would simply have to make the most of it.

At the onset, I was nervous, knowing the importance of making a positive first impression on the office. Yet three simple words helped to keep me grounded and set the tone for my entire experience here: “Be a sponge.”

This metaphor, although short and sweet, was packed with some of the most valuable advice I have ever been given. I was told to listen and to learn. To soak up all I possibly could. To get involved, and to never be afraid to ask questions – because everyone would be willing to help me succeed.

Over the past seven months, I have enjoyed my stint as the office’s front desk receptionist while learning from some of the best marketing and PR professionals in Buffalo. My unique position on the main floor allowed me to communicate with the entire agency, gaining a comprehensive view on how The Martin Group as a whole operates, while also interacting with many of the agency’s clients. In addition, I was able to contribute on projects for clients like Under Armour, ASICS, M&T Bank, and Buffalo Filter. This valuable professional experience will undoubtedly serve me well in the future.

I am eternally grateful to the entire TMG family for being so accommodating in carving out a role for me and making me feel at home. I have made lasting friendships with coworkers who went out of their way to help me grow. It is easy to see why The Martin Group has become the premier marketing firm in Western New York, and I look forward to watching the agency continue to soar for years to come.


Lucy Popko, Sophomore, University of Pennsylvania

I had never worked in an office building before my first day at The Martin Group.

I did not know what to expect, what to wear, or what would constitute my daily regimen. It was all completely foreign to me. Sure, I’d had a few internships before, but all were at hospitals back when I thought that medicine was my “calling” (It’s funny how the sight of blood can really change things quickly).

I walked in as the youngest of the interns and one that had never even taken a business class in my life. Nevertheless, what I found at The Martin Group has been inherently more valuable than what I could have ever learned in a classroom. Immediately, we were tasked with answering a Request for Proposal – the more colloquial term was “RFP” – in this foreign world I had been ushered into. My first day was spent Googling every word I heard that I didn’t know. And trust me, there was a lot I didn’t know.

But now, at the close of my eight weeks at TMG, I can confidently say that I can wrangle a multi-tab Excel sheet to gather balloon price quotes for a party with a guest list chock-full of social media influencers, bind decks deftly, and even navigate Webvantage like a pro. My time at The Martin Group has really opened my eyes to life outside of a classroom, and for that, I could not be more grateful.


Ariana Revelas, Junior, Bentley University

I really enjoyed my summer at The Martin Group as a public relations intern. Everyone here has been so great with mentoring us and guiding us to eventually succeed in a career in marketing one day. By working on our intern project, a mock integrated communications proposal, we were able to get a real taste of what it is like to work in an agency. I am so fortunate to have had the chance to be back here for another summer (especially in the 620 Main St. location) and I want to thank everyone at The Martin Group for being so kind and helpful throughout the summer!


Lauren Zelasko, Senior, Penn State University

You never really know what to expect when walking into a new office as a summer intern. What will I be doing? With whom? How involved will I actually be? These were the questions I had before starting my position as a public relations intern, but the past eight weeks at The Martin Group have been filled with projects, meetings, and presentations that surpassed my expectations.

I was able to work with clients and see the evolution of The Martin Group’s integrated communications marketing process from start to finish. I was involved in research projects that fueled ideas for marketing campaigns and various tactics.

Our group of interns was also tasked with completing a research and marketing campaign project. We took the lessons we learned from department presentations as well as what we’ve learned from outside experience and applied this to our own client: doing research, planning, creative development, devising advertising and public relations strategies, and then presented our work to The Martin Group executive team. This was a great opportunity to learn about the steps involved in a marketing campaign and develop skills in teamwork, communication, and organization.

My time at The Martin Group provided me with experiences and connections I will carry with me throughout my professional career.


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