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See, The ADDYs Are Rewarding.

4 min read
March 13, 2015

2015 TMG addy winners18_800We couldn’t have picked a more apt theme for the Advertising Club of Buffalo’s 2015 WNY ADDY Awards. As this year’s presenting agency, we ran with a “See, The ADDYs Are Rewarding” tagline. And after all the hours and long nights we put in to produce a uniquely creative, strategically weird and finely tuned show at The Tralf, we almost forgot about the actual awards themselves.

And now it’s nice to be able to sit back and congratulate our staff and our clients on all the great work we did last year. Enter the rewarding part.

Thanks to our talented staff and inspiring clients: it was an excellent year and we look forward to another one in 2015.

Congrats especially to Senior Art Director Rob Hopkins for the gold ADDY for the Red Siren logo (above). Scroll down for all of our award-winning work, as well as the Showbook ads we did congratulating Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer Tod Martin on his 2015 David I. Levy Communicator of the Year Award and remembering the great Dave Koch, our former Senior VP and Executive Creative Director, who passed away in 2014.

Gold ADDY:
Red Siren – Logo
Rob Hopkins, Senior Art Director
Christie Witt Berardi, Director of Business Development | Brand Manager

Silver ADDYs:
Seneca Resorts & Casinos – New Year’s Eve Invitation
Dave Riley, Creative Director
Terry Caber, Art Director
Jennifer Houle, Brand Manager

Seneca Resorts & Casinos – Luau Party Invitation
Dion Pender, Senior Vice President | Executive Creative Director
Duane Bombard, Vice President | Creative Director
Greg Meadows, Vice President, Creative Director
Kristen Perri, Senior Brand Manager
Dave Koch, Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director

RICH’S – RICH’S Innovation Center Environmental Branding
Greg Meadows, VP/Creative Director
Kelli Putney, Senior Vice President | Brand Strategist
Amanda Snyder, Brand Manager
Dave Koch, Senior VP/Creative Director
Rachel Kaznica, Senior Graphic Deisnger
Biff Henrich | IMG_INK, Phorographer
IMG_INK, Printing and Installation
Hadley Exhibits, 3D Production and Installation
Adam Bauer, Digital Art Director
Digital Art Director, Digital Development
Paul Van Hoy, Photographer

Hodgson Russ LLP – Hodgson Russ Charitable Advertising Campaign
Dion Pender, Senior Vice President | Executive Creative Director
Chris Muldoon, Copywriter
Lisa Strock, Senior Vice President | Client Services
Jillian Fiorella, Brand Manager

ADPRO Sports – ADPRO Sports Website
Barbara Riso, Senior Art Director / Designer
Angelina Ezzo, Brand Manager
Mike Gluck / Gluckworks, Copywriter
David Cloyd, Developer

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo – Gala 22:6 Logo
Andrew Henesey, Art Director
Greg Meadows, VP/Creative Director
Angelina Ezzo, Brand Manager

The Martin Group – TMG Website
Tod Martin, President / Chief Creative Office
Josh Robinson, Developer
Adam Bauer, Art Director / Designer
Collin Corcoran, Designer
Chris Muldoon, Copywriter

Face Time – Face Time Website
Dave Riley, Creative Director
Andrew Henesey, Art Director
Chris Muldoon, Copywriter
Christie Witt Beardi, Brand Manager
Newbird Design, Developer

Erie County Medical Center – ECMC Today TV :30 (Propellerhead Media)
Shaun Mullins, Original music, sound design, and audio post
The Martin Group, Agency
Greg Meadows, Creative Director
Chris King/Rhea Anna, Co-Directors
Carl Critoph/dPost, Editor

2015 TMG addy winners_800

2015 TMG addy winners2_800

2015 TMG addy winners3_800

2015 TMG addy winners4_800

2015 TMG addy winners5_800

2015 TMG addy winners6_800

2015 TMG addy winners7_800

2015 TMG addy winners8_800

2015 TMG addy winners9_800

2015 TMG addy winners10_800

2015 TMG addy winners15_800

2015 TMG addy winners16_800

2015 TMG addy winners17_800_540

2015 TMG addy winners11_800

2015 TMG addy winners13_800

2015 TMG addy winners14_800

2015 TMG addy winners19_800

2015 TMG addy winners20_800

2015 TMG addy winners22_800

2015 TMG addy winners21_800


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