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Rich Products – What Goes Into It

To celebrate the launch of new packaging for numerous subbrands, Rich Products has the desire to create a comprehensive social media campaign to effectively shine a spotlight on the entire TCCS portfolio as well as communicate the changes to associates and customers. While many of their favorite products may have a new look to the packaging, the contents inside have the same great taste and quality that customers have come to love and use to create innovative dishes that inspire and delight consumers.​

We supported the packaging launch with a new campaign focused on highlighting the new packaging with strong brand messaging that embraced the versatility of the product. The campaign was launched early 2021 on Facebook and Instagram with an objective to increase overall page likes on these social platforms.

  • Over 492,000 impressions during the campaign
  • Increased Facebook page likes by 6,112 (1,383% increase)
  • Increased Instagram page follows by 279 (3% increase)

Campaign Theme/Message

What Goes Into It

For those who prepare food-from delicious cakes to amazing flans to indulgent soups and sauces- so much goes into the process: passion, creativity, good taste and a commitment to being a part of a special moment for those who ultimately indulge in the finished product.

At Rich Products, it’s time to celebrate those same qualities we bring with our TCSS portfolio – and have put into everything we’ve done since our founding 75+ years ago. As we launch new packaging around the world for best-loved and just-waiting-to-be-discovered products alike, we celebrate the products that are as exceptional as ever in packaging that’s more effective than ever-because what goes into it makes all the difference.

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