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Provian protects!

1 min read
August 27, 2015


After acquiring a new product, Niacet, a globally recognized, leading producer of anti-microbial salts serving the baked goods industry, turned to The Martin Group to help give it a strong launch. The product, called Provian, is an effective chemical that prevents the growth of listeria, a dangerous bacteria in meat. Provian is safer, more cost-effective and not detrimental to the flavor or shelf life of the product, as opposed to some competitive alternatives. To help bring brand awareness of Provian and Niacet to the meat market, TMG devised a campaign that focused on Niacet’s solid reputation as a food preserver in the baked goods industry and the compelling science which supports Provian’s credibility. In addition to digital banner advertising, we created provocative ads for placement in trade publications that were paired with “advertorial features” that detailed the chemistry and academic studies that prove Provian’s practicality as a far superior product compared to what’s on the market today.

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