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Promoting Regional Revival Just Got Easier; Tools Now Available to “Pitch Buffalo Niagara”

September 25, 2017

Invest Buffalo Niagara unveils extensive toolkit to showcase living, working and playing in Buffalo Niagara

BUFFALO, NY – Today, Invest Buffalo Niagara (InBN)—the nonprofit, privately-funded economic development organization representing the eight counties of Western New York—invited members, partners and regional boosters to “Pitch Buffalo Niagara” by using its new ambassador toolkit, a digital compilation of visual and written assets available for public use on InBN’s website.

“This toolkit allows anyone and everyone to be an ambassador for the ongoing development, entrepreneurship, innovation, arts and culture expansion and overall economic revival happening right now in our region,” said Jenna Kavanaugh, chief operating officer of Invest Buffalo Niagara. “With so many positive things underway, we wanted to make telling those stories even easier—by making economic data, professional photography and quick facts available at the fingertips of Buffalo Niagara advocates, target industry leaders and major employers.”

InBN is inviting ambassadors to join its ‘Pitching Staff.’ Individuals can enroll in the Pitching Staff by filling out a simple form and will then receive shareable content to promote the region on a weekly basis, through local startup ClearView Social’s content aggregation software.

InBN’s ambassador toolkit is free, open to the public and available on InBN’s website, with resources available for download and use on personal or organizational websites and social media platforms. Resources include 25-, 50- and 100-word regional descriptions; economic data, facts and figures; details on recent national accolades; photography and visual assets. The ambassador toolkit includes resources for marketers, creatives, bloggers, and human resource professionals (More than 700,000 gallons of water pour over Niagara Falls per second”), as well as for those in the business sector, economic development roles and target industry prospects (“2nd Most Booming Startup Ecosystem, according to Forbes”).

The free photos and visual assets are arranged in the following categories, for versatility of storytelling and ease of use:

  • Arts & Architecture
  • Business & Industry
  • Good Neighbors
  • Housing & Neighborhoods
  • Parks & Pastures
  • Wandering Waters

“We’re often asked by business leaders, community influencers, friends and family what they can do get more active and contribute to our economy’s momentum and participate in the conversations happening locally and nationally about our region’s growth,” continued Kavanaugh. “This toolkit provides language and visuals for those existing ambassadors, and it also provides the means and tools to inspire new ambassadors, as they each communicate their stories on social media platforms, blogs, websites and through word-of-mouth.”







Invest Buffalo Niagara is the area’s leading private sector economic development and business attraction organization, focused on research, marketing, and business development outreach. With exceptional community connectivity, Invest Buffalo Niagara’s staff provides comprehensive services and project management for companies looking to expand or relocate. From research all the way through ribbon-cutting, Invest Buffalo Niagara is the primary point of contact for economic development in the eight-county Buffalo Niagara region. Learn more: buffaloniagara.org.