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Invest Buffalo Niagara Showcases 15 Regional “Wins” During Annual Meeting of Investors

September 14, 2016

Today Invest Buffalo Niagara—the nonprofit, privately funded economic development organization representing the eight counties of Western New York—announced its 2015-16 business attraction and expansion results.

“The 2015-2016 year brought a very solid number of company wins, strong job numbers and an unprecedented level of private sector investment,” said Tom Kucharski, president & CEO of Invest Buffalo Niagara. “These results reaffirm that the momentum our community is experiencing is both real and continuing. We are proud to share them on behalf of our entire region, and thank all of our partners and stakeholders who contributed to them.”

Invest Buffalo Niagara reported 15 wins for the 2015-16 campaign year, yielding $2.6 billion in pledged capital investment and the creation of 2,541 total jobs. Results in the advanced manufacturing (6 businesses, $781 million in capital investment and 1,258 jobs) and life sciences (4 businesses, $1.7 billion in capital investment and 464 jobs) were particularly strong for the period.

“On behalf of Invest Buffalo Niagara’s board of directors, I’m pleased to see such solid results and good return on our collective investments,” said Randy Clark, chairman of Invest Buffalo Niagara. “With more tools, programs, incentives and opportunities available to businesses than ever before, Invest Buffalo Niagara’s role in identifying and supporting businesses to invest here is vital in the continued growth of our regional economy.”

In 2015-16, Invest Buffalo Niagara was active in the attraction and/or expansion of the following companies:

Advanced business services:

  • Sodexo
  • TxMQ Inc.

Advanced manufacturing:

  • 1366 Technologies
  • BMH Systems
  • Bridgestone APM
  • CarbonOne Technologies
  • Sensorcon
  • Sherwood Electromotion Inc.


  • Gordon Food Service
  • Niagara Food Specialties
  • Pride Pak

Life sciences:

  • Athenex
  • Atomic Medical Innovations
  • Chronicle LifeSci America Corp.
  • Coqui 3D Inc.

Invest Buffalo Niagara provides an array of economic development tools, services and business intelligence, all designed at assisting companies to expand or relocate in the eight-county Western New York area.

Since its formation in 1999, the organization has been at the forefront of 351 wins, resulting in $6.2 billion in capital investment and over 40,000 jobs. In the last six years alone, Invest Buffalo Niagara’s efforts have resulted in $5.8 billion in economic impact and the creation of 22,585 jobs.

Once known as the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, Invest Buffalo Niagara unveiled a refreshed brand identity and new organizational name in early-2016, along with the tagline ‘Come grow your business with us.’ The new brand was inspired by 15 years of consistent evolution, and was bolstered through the development of a fresh suite of marketing materials and an enhanced web presence that effectively communicate the economic resurgence occurring in the region.

“This is a new day for Buffalo Niagara and for our organization. Going forward, we are focused on supporting and growing key industry sectors, addressing foreign direct investment and regional talent as strategic imperatives, recruiting businesses – and using what we’ve learned from our past successes to more effectively promote the region,” continued Kucharski.

“Whether it’s market access, affordable real estate, skilled and productive workforce or world class research & development partnerships, the benefits of doing business in Buffalo Niagara are numerous and proven by these results. That’s why we are so confident when we say that there has never been a better time to invest in Buffalo Niagara.”

Invest Buffalo Niagara’s 2015-16 annual report can be found online.

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Invest Buffalo Niagara is the area’s leading private sector economic development and business attraction organization, focused on research, marketing, and business development outreach. With exceptional community connectivity, Invest Buffalo Niagara’s staff provides comprehensive services and project management for companies looking to expand or relocate. From research all the way through ribbon-cutting, Invest Buffalo Niagara is the primary point of contact for economic development in the eight-county Buffalo Niagara region. Learn more: buffaloniagara.org.