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Postage Costs Increasing Sunday; Adjust Your Direct Mail Budget Accordingly

1 min read
January 20, 2017

With its economic and environmental efficiency, we love email marketing for producing campaign analytics and calculating ROIs. But for customers, there’s no denying that receiving a physical piece of branded snail-mail is often hard to ignore and leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, keep direct mail in your marketing mix and be prepared as the U.S. Post Office increases the cost of domestic postage for First Class Mail Letters and Flats, starting Sunday, January 22, from 47 cents to 49 cents. (Good news! Postcard rates will remain the same – at 34 cents.) If you’d like some guidance solving the Post Office puzzle, call TMG and join companies like Kaleida Health, Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York and Evans Bank, which trust us to handle their direct mail projects.

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