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Packing a motivational punch.

3 min read
March 31, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, customers aren’t your only target audience. In fact, we often find that a company’s internal team members are crucial brand ambassadors. Take for instance, our client, Greatbatch. Last year for their inaugural Global Sales Meeting, we challenged the sales force to “Take Charge.” This year, Greatbatch wanted to go bigger, bolder and bring other departments into the fold. Inspired by the amateur boxing career of a Greatbatch executive, we created the theme “Win That Fight,” and then branded virtually every inch of the sales meeting experience.




The campaign came out swinging with a series of emails that invited associates to the event with inspirational quotes from famous boxers.




Once arriving at the venue for a social hour, giant fight posters gave attendees a glimpse of what was to come.




We dubbed the primary conference area, “The Main Event,” which featured an authentic ring and other boxing-related decor. Presenters were introduced in championship style, with a smoke wall, high-energy music and adorning Greatbatch-blue robes. Throughout the week, we used the metaphor of a boxer in training to encourage associates to continue fighting tooth and nail for victories today, while the company builds strength and momentum for the future.








For the closing night of the sales meeting, Greatbatch held an awards dinner to recognize associates who went above and beyond over the past year. To give the room the excitement of a title fight, we designed a presentation area wall graphic depicting a packed arena. Since the night was a celebration, we also kept the event lighthearted and fun with boxing photo opportunities – we even arranged to have a few “celebrities” in attendance.






When the final bell rung, the Global Sales Meeting was a knockout success. And we’re confident Greatbatch’s associates left the week motivated and ready to go the distance for their brand.

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