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Owning the Narrative: The Martin Group’s Public Affairs Practice

January 31, 2022

What are you doing to advocate for your cause? Public Affairs and Public Relations are two powerful tools to advance your business, an industry, or a particular issue. Are you using them well? Promotion and positive publicity are two factors that drive customers and audiences to your door. Public Affairs focuses on how you communicate to various stakeholders, the community, key audiences, and the public to strengthen your position. In a post-pandemic world—where social and cultural norms are being challenged and businesses are in recovery—a strong public affairs strategy cannot wait. You might already be behind.

Changing Landscape

Status quo, as generations before knew it, is gone. Business, social, and political landscapes are changing. The pandemic emerged amid a season of cultural and social awakening, causing many to stop and reflect on how society operates and its values. The past way of thinking is being challenged, playbooks are being rewritten, and it is all coming at a time of historic public investment.

Decisions made in state capitols, city halls, and municipal offices affect every corner of every industry. At a time where many longstanding policies are being reviewed and groundbreaking changes are being proposed, what are you doing to ensure that your voice is heard in the halls of power? How are you engaging with the public to ensure that they are aware of actions being taken? Without a sound public affairs strategy, you may be asking yourself why your new development is facing public opposition? Why are supermarket shelves stocked with produce from out-of-state? Or why local businesses are shutting their doors?

Businesses and groups armed with public affairs strategies and engagement tactics have been able to dive right into the conversation. Restaurants were able to emerge as the face of the struggling hospitality and tourism industry amid COVID-19 and were afforded early support from decisionmakers. Their voice cut through the noise and influenced governmental actions.

Owning the Public Debate

Our team is skilled with arming clients with the tools, counsel, and strategies to own the public debate. Whether it is grassroots activation, crisis management, a major merger and acquisition, or expansion into new territory, how you communicate to the public and stakeholders will factor into your success.  You must own the public debate. If you don’t, your opponents may.

Facts are scrutinized more than ever and the trust between public, media, and government has weakened. Business, coalition, and community leaders’ platforms are amplified. Target audiences and stakeholders want to hear from you, so do not miss the opportunity to lead the conversation.

Public Affairs Partners

The Martin Group’s team of skilled public affairs practitioners bring decades of experience tackling the most complex issues facing the New York State. Our team has been on the front lines of major topics, fighting behind the scenes to redefine pillars in our society. We have been the boots-on-the-ground soldiers fighting to preserve the restaurant industry, from the debate over elimination of the tip credit to post-pandemic economic recovery. We were on the ground floor when New York’s very first medical marijuana patient was served and have followed the growth of this industry about to burst. Each time, we employ industry-leading research, media relations, and digital strategies to influence outcomes. Simply put, the stakes are too great to lose.

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