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Operation: Update is a success

1 min read
June 7, 2016


For the last several years, The Martin Group has managed ECMC’s brand—from building a cohesive story in advertising and collateral to creating a strong social media presence. With these pieces in place, the medical center needed a website to reflect their evolved brand and better serve their patients and visitors from across Western New York. Over the course of a year, TMG took on the task with an end-to-end reworking, including interviewing key doctors, nurses and faculty from every department, crafting copy that’s both user and SEO-friendly, and establishing a look and feel that match the energy, compassion and revitalization of ECMC. Using more emotional imagery and an accessible site structure, the new site is on-brand, organized and reflective of this landmark institution’s place in Western New York. Consistently updated and maintained by TMG so patients continue to get the best experience, the new site provides ECMC and everyone it serves a useful resource for a healthier community, and future.

View the website here. 



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