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Kelly’s heroes.

1 min read
October 23, 2015

[videojs mp4=”http://tmgbrandfuel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/ECMC9945JEKH_TW_CLIPCHAMP_keep.mp4″]

ECMC is already well-known for great outcomes with trauma care, but to tell the story of ECMC’s other wide-ranging services, TMG turned to former Buffalo Bill quarterback Jim Kelly. As a local celebrity and recent ECMC patient, Kelly was an ideal onscreen spokesman, even though the spots were not exclusively about oncology. Particular focus was placed on the Regional Center of Excellence for Transplantation and Kidney Care at ECMC and the recently opened Russell J. Salvatore Orthopaedic Unit with new video highlighting the beautifully designed and technologically advanced facilities. Along with a radio spot, a 30-second TV spot was produced for use during Bills games and a 15-second video was created for the Buffalo Bills website. Of course, our thanks go out to production partners Littleflick Pictures and Propellerhead Media.

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