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International Women’s Day 2023

6 min read
February 23, 2023

The theme of 2023 International Women’s Day is “Embrace Equity”, which focuses on what it means to create access and opportunity for all. Equity is often paired with “equality”, but there is a crucial difference that this year’s IWD is trying to spotlight. The two most common tenets of equality are fairness and sameness, which assumes that everyone has the same needs and backgrounds. Blanket solutions aren’t necessarily equitable, because they don’t take into consideration the differences between people.  

Equity is the process by which we get to equality. It takes commitment, consistency and community. The Martin Group is certainly dedicated to this constantly changing journey.

Here are some thoughts from our associates about how they’re embracing equity: 

My personal goals are to continue self-education, to be compassionate and a good listener to others’ lived experiences, and ultimately to be an ally for all genders in my words and actions. – Jen Hunold, General Manager, Albany | Account Supervisor 

Since becoming a Pandemic Mom™️, I’m still constantly learning how to juggle motherhood and my career, and how to give myself grace in that process. So, this International Women’s Day, I’m embracing equity by educating myself and my peers about the experiences of a working mother in 2023. I’ve been inspired to learn more through accounts like @themamattorney and @chamberofmothers on Instagram. Though there was a slight dip during the pandemic, 72% of mothers work, compared to 53% in 1970 – the generation of my parents. With the limited rights US mothers have in comparison to other countries (the U.S. remains the only country in the developed world that does not guarantee paid maternity leave), it has not been an easy transition for myself or many of my friends going through the same life changes. I am incredibly grateful for TMG’s extensive benefits for parents (plus a very understanding boss!), and excited to be on our DEI Caregivers committee to help me continue to learn about this work-life balance, and hopefully help others with theirs. – Nicole Stivaletta, Creative Supervisor 

I have found that the most effective and exponential way for me to promote gender equity is by teaching my son and three daughters how to be in this world. If you see gender bias, if you experience inequitable treatment, if you hear someone perpetuating gender-based stereotypes – speak up, stand up, and show up to address it.  Alexa Christopher, Senior Advisor, Strategy 

As a proud girl dad of two confident little dynamos, it’s not even really a thought that they can’t do something, won’t have access, or face inequity in opportunities. So our goal is to make sure they have 100% confidence in whatever they’re doing, have solutions that meet their individual needs, and never feel like they can’t do anything, while trying to educate them about gender stereotypes and making sure to call out any discrimination as we see it so they can avoid bias as they grow older.  – John Jiloty, SVP Growth Channels & Content 

I learned a lot about diversity and inclusion in the media during my time as a journalist and am committed now as a PR pro to pass that knowledge on to my colleagues and my clients. In 2023, newsrooms will place great emphasis on diversity and inclusion and are being audited by their parent companies to ensure the viewpoints presented in their reporting more widely represent the communities they serve. With that in mind, I’m working to encourage my team and my clients to consider equity across their PR plans, and especially when placing subject matter experts and spokespeople forward for interview opportunities. It’s important to me to ensure our communications are culturally relevant and positive to a wide range of diverse audiences. Having these discussions and holding each other accountable will go a long way towards making sure this happens.  – Kate Measer, Senior Public Relations Manager 

To me, gender equity means recognizing the inherent value in each person. Rather than try to make individuals fit the mold of their gender – or even expect us all to fit within certain acceptable ways of being, regardless of gender – we see the greatest success when we embrace the gifts, talents, ways of communicating, and personal experiences each person brings to the table. In my role for business development, I often need to recommend the most appropriate team members to collaborate for a particular opportunity. I strive to suggest a diverse team that provides the expertise, depth of experience, and unique perspectives to best fulfill the prospective client’s objectives.  – Kelli Putney, VP | Business Development 

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