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Ice Cream For All – Launching Perry’s Oats Cream™

June 26, 2019

Perry’s Oats Cream™ Tasting Lunch

The meeting invite stuck out like a drip of Bad Breakup™ on a nightshirt.

Oats Cream™?
What’s Oats Cream™?
How does it taste?
What’s the texture like?
How are the oats milked?

Everything we thought we knew about frozen treats was about to change forever.

We entered the boardroom.

Seven flavors and more than a few samples later, we had chills.

The apple strudel tasted like apple strudel. The blueberry pancake tasted like blueberry pancake. And by God, the snickerdoodle tasted like snickerdoodle. What’s more, each pint carried in it the smooth, creamy deliciousness that Perry’s fans have loved for generations.

But most importantly, every Perry’s Oats Cream™ flavor was completely dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and plant-based. And because Oats Cream™ is made with whole grains, every spoonful was packed with fiber.

We were ready to share Oats Cream™ with the world.

Ice cream should be able to be enjoyed by all. It’s something Perry’s has believed since the beginning. And with the launch of Oats Cream™, they intended to put that belief into action. But before the launch, they would need a campaign introducing Perry’s fans to Oats Cream™, and familiarizing them with the qualities that make it a must-try.

So, we poured our hearts and minds into some enticing creations of our own. Social media and digital display ads highlighting the quality, composition, and retail outlets of Perry’s Oats Cream™. Influencer-generated content featuring Oats Cream™ products. And a brand-new Oats Cream™ microsite for e-commerce. All tactics worked together to make Oats Cream™ shine and put customers on the fast track to enjoying it.

The campaign creative was smooth, sweet, and packed with flavor. With it, we were able to introduce the world to a new kind of frozen dessert. A treat those with dairy allergies and vegan lifestyles can enjoy—and that the Perry’s team only occasionally dreams about.

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