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Hearts in all the right places.

1 min read
September 30, 2015

TMG is proud to partner with Kaleida Health (KH) in announcing that the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) has ranked the team at Gates Vascular Institute (GVI) in the Top 2% in the nation for cardiac surgery. STS is an international organization whose goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes for surgeries performed within the chest. To share this extremely important news with prospective cardiac patients and their families, TMG developed a campaign concept and logo that merges the honor of the 2% designation with the heart that signifies the medicine and the compassion that are the hallmarks of GVI. Along with print ads and billboards, the Top 2% message will appear on building wraps, transit wraps, television and radio spots, and internal signage within KH facilities. Also incorporating the tagline “Hearts in the right place,” this campaign emphasizes the successful stories of GVI patients who have benefited from Kaleida Health’s “leading with care” philosophy.



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