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A healthy campaign.

1 min read
October 29, 2014

 Source: The Buffalo News

Following up on the June announcement of “The Independent Health and Buffalo Bills Health and Wellness Challenge” to engage Western New Yorkers in healthy behaviors, TMG held an exciting media event on September 23. Conducted on the playing surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium, the news conference also included a media competition in which four teams of media personalities competed in light physical/football related activities. It was hoped the media challenge would result in some good-natured competition, on-air banter and social media activity, in addition to same-day news coverage. Representatives from all of the commercial television stations participated along with members of various radio groups and print media. The successful event resulted in extensive coverage from many corners, including media which didn’t play in the challenge. Emails sent to the Bills’ and Independent Health’s databases on the afternoon of the event also helped the Health and Wellness Challenge score more than 1,200 pre-registrations the first day alone, even though it didn’t officially launch until October 6.

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