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Have some self control.

1 min read
February 29, 2016


The towering potential of a young person’s future can be toppled by an unplanned pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease or other health issue. Kaleida Health (KH) wants to help 16-24 year olds in WNY’s inner city avoid these pitfalls through their Kaleida Health Family Planning Center at 1313 Main Street. To help spread awareness and increase calls/appointments at their Kaleida Health Family Planning Center, our creative team developed a number of ideas to encourage the target audience to be responsible for their sexual health and safety. “Take Control” empowers teens to recognize the impact their choices have, take control of them and make their future and bodies their own with the help of Kaleida Health Family Planning. Encompassing outdoor advertising, radio spots, transit placements and social media, the campaign runs through May.



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