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Hard cider – easy sell.

1 min read
November 26, 2014


When Three Brothers Wineries and Estates developed the ability to can their Red Apple Bombshell Hard Cider, they came to TMG in Rochester for packaging help. Since the cider is a part of their War Horse Brewing Company product line, we incorporated militarily stylized Vargas-style pin-up girls who appeal to both men and women and are both timeless and current. These girls, like the product, have “just the right amount of tart,” a theme line prominently displayed on the can in vertical type. Featuring typography reminiscent of the 1940s era, the product not only has a retro vibe, but the name screams off the shelf. The clients indicated that the cans finally approached the vision they have had for their packaging for some time and combined a Rosie the Riveter war theme with the sexiness that helps to sell alcoholic beverages. We toast the success of Red Apple Bombshell Hard Cider (original and raspberry) and look forward to many more flavors to come.

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