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An extraordinary day, every day.

1 min read
November 26, 2014

[vimeo id=”108608205″ align=”center” mode=”normal”autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”769″]

When our creative team decided to re-envision the image for ECMC, we knew we needed to incorporate its innovative facilities and expert team into a story of confident, compassionate care. Inspired in part by the “Day in the Life…” photo book series, we developed a concept that expressed ECMC’s everyday multifaceted medical activities from a more “human” perspective. Working with director/cinematographer Rhea Anna, a portraiture specialist, and director Chris King, we shot the spot from unexpected vantage points to convey a realistic view of their hectic pace. To further create a sense of “being there,” the spot, shot at night and on weekends to minimize intrusion, features actual doctors and nurses at ECMC. We’re very proud of the emotional piece, which was produced by Steven Barone and edited by Carl Critolph at DPost. The original score was composed by Shaun Mullins of Propellerhead Media, who also did the audio engineering.

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