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Extra beneficial.

1 min read
April 28, 2014

Employee benefits. They’re not typically a popular topic of conversation. That is, unless you experience a problem with your own. Which is precisely why our client P&A Group is the unsung hero for employees and employers alike. Since 1975, P&A has provided exceptional, efficient employee benefits and retirement plan administration services for businesses across the country.

When P&A approached us for a complete website redesign, the company’s culture was immediately evident. Sure enough, through our Brand Fuel process, we revealed that in a commoditized industry, it was P&A’s down-to-earth, personal approach that set them apart from the competition. So we made sure this takeaway was reflected across the new website, from the warm photography style to the welcoming tone of the copy. Plus, with numerous audiences using the site for various reasons, navigation and usability was paramount – especially for employees looking to access and manage their benefits.

The new PAdmin.com is a sophisticated site that accurately reflects the personality of the brand, and provides a friendly environment for visitors to find the information they need. And we can all recognize the benefit in that.




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