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Committed to the
Communities we serve.

At The Martin Group, the idea of “community” has always been fundamental to what we do—and how we do it. Connecting our clients to world-class work. Connecting culture to everyday living. Connecting nonprofits to those they serve. And maybe most importantly, connecting with each other—as a firm, as partners, as a community.

Through challenges and opportunities alike, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built and the support we’ve grown for businesses and organizations that bring our community together—through nutrition, health, education, culture, inclusion, and inspiration.

Mission Accomplished Transition Services

When life brings challenges and opportunities, mentorship and coaching can help with navigating both—keeping us on track to achieve success. We’re proud to work with impactful organizations in our region, like Mission Accomplished Transition Services: equipping young professionals and entrepreneurs for the workforce with industry-specific coaching, mentoring, and sponsorship.

To support their work preparing and empowering the workers of tomorrow, visit matransitionservices.org.

New York State Restaurant Association

When life leaves us wanting, arts and culture satiate—keeping us intrigued, enticed, and encouraged. We’re proud to work with our region’s cultural icons, like the 50,000 restaurants represented by the New York State Restaurant Association: helping to guide a $50 billion industry through its darkest times.

To support their work promoting the success of restaurants and preserving food and drink as the cornerstones of community, visit nysra.org.

Shea’s Performing Arts Center

When life is dark, arts and culture light the way—keeping us entertained, hopeful, and inspired. We’re proud to work with our region’s cultural icons, like Shea’s Performing Arts Center: helping Western New York heal and build a shared sense of community through the performing arts.

To support their work in bringing back the wonder of live theatre, visit sheas.org/support/

Chautauqua Institution

When life is uncertain, arts and culture bring needed hope—keeping us connected, inspired, and optimistic. We’re proud to work with our region’s cultural icons like Chautauqua Institution: dedicated to exploring the best of humanity through art, education, and fellowship when we’ve needed it most.

To support their work in enriching life through every way that matters, visit chq.org/giving/.

Rochester Museum & Science Center

When life is confusing, arts and culture answer the questions—keeping us learning, informed, and empowered. We’re proud to work with our region’s cultural icons, like the Rochester Museum & Science Center: igniting a passion for lifelong learning that becomes possible through science.

To support their work in inspiring a better future for all through curiosity, exploration, and participation, visit rmsc.org.

We're here to help

Even the best causes need help standing out. At The Martin Group, we employ each of our eight, integrated disciplines to propel our partners forward. To learn more about how we can help your organization, contact us today.

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