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Creative Meets Creativity.

1 min read
August 28, 2014

Founded in 1954, The Creative Education Foundation (CEF) established “Applied Imagination” and their Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), developed by advertising legend Alex Osborn (creator of “brainstorming”) and Buffalo State College professor Sidney J. Parnes, is the oldest and longest running conference dedicated to the teaching and practice of creative skills. However, the education industry is now much more competitive with similar offerings (often called “design thinking”) from other esteemed outlets. CEF charged TMG with repositioning them as the leader in the realm of problem solving. Our research found that CEF’s brand was perceived as disorganized, so we recreated their logo and developed a dynamic color palette for their teaching materials. Ultimately, our new visual presentation transformed CEF’s corporate identity into a more current, creative, and inspiring organization.

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