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Cheers to Southern Tier Brewing Company.

1 min read
April 28, 2015

Southern Tier Brewing Company 2015 Ultimate Craft Beer Bracket Champions

The Martin Group is proud to announce a new partnership with Southern Tier Brewing Company (STBC). Immediately, TMG sprang into action following Southern Tier’s victory in the USA Today “For The Win” Ultimate Craft Beer Bracket championship. STBC won a string of online matchups, fashioned after the NCAA March Madness Tournament. To maximize the opportunity the victory opened up, TMG issued a press release and launched a social media blitz involving congratulatory messages and an Instagram contest. STBC garnered 300 new Instagram followers in three days and over 400 Facebook “Likes.” TMG will be handling STBC’s marketing efforts in the key markets of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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