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Chautauqua Institution Website


Chautauqua Institution is a go-to destination for those seeking a vacation destination, concerts, lectures, as well as other experiences. As they transitioned their business due to the impact of Covid-19, their in-person events now had to shift to the virtual space, while still planning for when patrons could return to the grounds in person.

We were tasked with converting their 2,000+ page Joomla site to a new WordPress-driven website, expanding it’s features and functionality to support modern travelers. We created a new modular website design that expands on their existing brand standards, allowing internal teams to quickly edit and remix pages as needed.‚Äč

The website’s look, feel, and content changes based on the season to provide visitors with the most relevant content possible. We built a custom Experience Planner tool, providing interactive ways to search through thousands of events and restaurants to plan a trip.

A dynamic favorites system was introduced across the website allowing patrons to find and save Restaurants, Accommodations, Restaurants, and Events to revisit later.

Key Website Features

  • Toggle between their Summer and Fall / Winter / Spring seasons for a different experience
  • Dynamic events system that allows you to filter, search, and browse through their 700+ yearly events
  • Experience Planner allows you to select a your trip dates and find Restaurants, Accommodations, Restaurants, and Events that match your needs
  • Save your favorite items throughout the site and use and send it to your email or print for later
  • View a realtime camera of the plaza at CHQ to check the weather
  • Website is completely customizable by website administrators through a dynamic block system built on WordPress + Gutenberg

Original Website / Website Redesign