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Branding BMG well.

1 min read
June 6, 2016

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A local healthcare industry giant for over 70 years, Buffalo Medical Group came to us for a complete rebranding to increase both general awareness and their base of primary care patients, particularly among the “young healthies” (ages 18-35) demographic. In addition to designing a new medically themed logo and mark with four separate quadrants, inspired by BMG’s four founding physicians and the group’s multidisciplinary approach (primary care physicians, medical specialists, surgical specialists and clinical support services), TMG created a new tagline: “Treating people well,” which represents the care that goes beyond seeing patients when they are sick. Armed with a brand that is distinctive, medically focused and professional, the “new” Buffalo Medical Group is already starting to be seen in the community, as Presenting Sponsor of Relay For Life and as a sponsor of the Canalside summer concert series. Follow Buffalo Medical Group on Facebook and LinkedIn and “@BuffaloMedical” on Twitter and Instagram.

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