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Blake Ellis’s Internship Experience

2 min read
April 28, 2017

I walked into The Martin Group for my interview and was immediately impressed with the environment. I could tell that this was an agency with a professional sense of design and spirit. I knew it was somewhere I would be able to develop and grow as a designer. A few weeks later, I began my internship; the beginning of a challenging, rewarding and inspiring semester.

This being my first internship, I was fortunate to work at an agency that produced design work that was truly spectacular and innovative. I worked under a team that was there to answer any questions and provide me with the knowledge that would transform me from a student to a professional.

I was able to work on unique projects that helped diversify my abilities and portfolio. Brand identity, campaign concepting and event concepting, were just a few types of my favorites. I also learned The Martin Group’s process of design, gaining valuable skills and techniques to get from a job jacket to a final product. Towards the end of my experience, I was given the opportunity to take a tour of a printing press, learning the ins and outs of pre-press packaging and what happens when work is sent to the printers.

I am beyond grateful for the experience I had here at The Martin Group. In just a few short months. I have developed into a young designer ready to enter the design community. I am thankful for the team I worked with and the experiences I was able to have!

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