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The Best Wings in Buffalo: The Martin Group’s Definitive Answer

2 min read
September 4, 2015


The best wings in Buffalo: there may be no debate more scrutinized in our fair city than this.

And it’s an important one to get right; after all, we do carry the torch as being the birthplace of this delicacy. Yes, some rubes think Buffalo Wings actually come from tiny buffaloes still roaming the plains. But the majority of people know that fried chicken wings were birthed at The Anchor Bar in Buffalo: we currently host the National Buffalo Wing Festival every year and visitors come from around the world to sample the authentic product right here in the Nickel City.

To get you prepped for this weekend’s Wingfest at Coca-Cola Field (sponsored by TMG partner Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino), here’s a recap of The Martin Group’s recent Buffalo Wing Blind Taste Test.

This year on National Chicken Wing Day, we decided to poll our educated staff for their opinions on the best wings in Buffalo. Ten different establishments received votes, with Gabriel’s Gate just beating out Bar-Bill Tavern and Duff’s for the Top 3.

Unsatisfied, we decided we needed a Blind Wing-Off to erase any geographic or historic biases — and just find an excuse to put a crapload of wings on the company tab. So we ran around and got wings from each of the top three, added in Mammoser’s as the Wild Card entry, and brought them back for the staff to devour. (Check our Facebook page for more.)

A few stained shirts, a ton of votes and bit of a slow start to our afternoon later, and we had a winner.

Well, not quite. But we had a tie: congrats to Bar-Bill and Duff’s on Sheridan for tying atop our Blind Wing-Off.

This might just have to become a yearly tradition…




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