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Bending the law.

1 min read
January 28, 2015

When Western New York law firm Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham LLC sought a full rebrand after organizational changes, they turned to TMG to create something innovative, fresh and unlike any other firm. With unparalleled energy and a passion for client satisfaction, Rupp Baase considers itself a different kind of law firm that’s reinventing how law is practiced. TMG’s initial goal was to create an evolved logo and tagline to more closely match the sophistication and relevance of the firm, its people and its capabilities. With an unexpected color palette and shapes that suggest going against the grain of industry expectations, the new logo brings energy and motion to the fore. In addition, the logo mirrors the spirit and working style of Rupp Baase, featuring pieces that can work together as a cohesive whole, while also retaining enough flexibility for the right response to any situation. So far, the logo and business cards have been completed with the expectation of more to come.


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