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Wondering What it’s Like to Spend the Summer at The Martin Group? Ask Our Interns

September 1, 2017

This summer, The Martin Group / Martin Davison Public Relations had a fleet of talented interns in our arsenal. Check out how their experiences went, straight from the source:

“I absolutely loved my experience at TMG. While interning with the Traffic Department, I learned about operations and how projects move through a business. I also learned how to effectively communicate and work with different people from my mentors in Traffic. Additionally, I shadowed Terry a little bit and learned how to use some design programs. Because of his tips and willingness to teach me, I was able to create a logo on my own using one of the programs. I really appreciate the mentors I have met through this experience and am thankful for the opportunity at TMG.” – Ariana Revelas, Bentley University (left)

“Working in the Media Department at The Martin Group this summer was a fun and unparalleled experience for me.  Jim, Robin, Krista, and Anna are great mentors who taught me the ins and outs of Media.  I learned how to research a target audience and find out the various mediums through which they consume media, create media plans, and dive into the digital media world. I completed my internship with a marketing research project and media recommendation on Evans Bank, which I was able to present to members of the Media Department.  I am so grateful for my summer experience at The Martin Group.” – Caitlin Scully, Villanova University (right)

“I worked with Meg Hunter for most of my time at TMG and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. Being the business development manager, she helped me better understand her job by getting me involved in different tasks. I enjoyed meeting everyone in the office. They were very nice, welcoming, and were there whenever I had a question or needed help. I’m really happy I did the TMG internship this summer!” – Isobel Brinkworth, George Washington University (left)

“I was shown a little bit of everything, from the new business, to the MDPR side, to commercial shoots and audio editing sessions. Having been tested on the structures of an advertising agency in my classes at Ithaca, seeing the various departments of TMG come together to complete beautiful projects was almost like watching magic happen. Perhaps my favorite project was strategizing TMG’s own agency social media with Sarah Richheimer as well as a couple of employees at the Rochester location. My final project was an integrated marketing project on Galbani Cheese, which I got excellent constructive feedback on from Dan Giacomini, and look forward to using in my portfolio in the future. Interning at The Martin Group was a goal I have had since I was a freshmen in college. Now, entering my senior year, I am so grateful to have this experience under my belt.” – Jillian Weider, Ithaca College (center)

“My summer spent at The Martin Group was definitely one to remember! I worked under Molly Mahoney, and learned a lot about the world of agency marketing through the opportunity to tag along to commercial shoots, do client research, and sit in on team meetings. The culture at The Martin Group is filled with creativity, understanding, and team-based trust. The Buffalo office was so easy to adapt to, with friendly faces at every corner and someone always willing to help. Being a part of the company for the summer was a dream come true and I will take my experiences with me in my future career in marketing! Thank you, TMG!” – Katie Iglewski, University at Buffalo (right)

“Working at The Martin Group this summer was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the industry that you simply can’t learn in a classroom. As an account intern, I worked primarily with Kate Wilcox in the Rochester office. She was an amazing mentor to me this entire summer and I’m sure that we will stay in touch as both of our careers progress. Whether it was attending Red Wings games, taking ping pong breaks in the office, or touring places like News 10 and Entercom Radio, I was learning something new every day at TMG. Overall, interning at The Martin Group was a phenomenal way to spend my summer!” – Daniel Hicks, Syracuse University (above)

“At The Martin Group, I learned what an ad agency is really about. I made great relationships, was exposed to amazing opportunities, and became confident in my choice to pursue a career in marketing. I would say that spending time off site with Kelsey Shea was my favorite part of the experience. From commercial shoots, to weekly client meetings, or even getting a cup of coffee, we did it all and I am forever grateful to have had her as a supervisor. Because of Kelsey and the rest of the TMG team, I have been equipped with the tools to achieve my goals.” – Madison Cichocki, John Carroll University (above)

“I had a great experience this summer, and learned so much. Every person I met was so willing to help me, and show me the way things worked. Each individual clearly had so much passion for their job, and each played such a big part of the company overall, as they all bring something different and special to the table. Not once did I feel uncomfortable, I knew that anyone was willing to help me with anything I needed. I really felt like a part of the team for the time I was there and got the chance to really gain an experience and understanding of working in PR, as well as a company as well.” – Meghan Vanner, Miami University (not pictured)

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