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ASICS Launches New Strong Campaign on International Women’s Day

3 min read
March 9, 2019

In honor of International Women’s Day, ASICS today launched The New Strong campaign to celebrate our female leaders who are demonstrating what it means to be feminine.

The following manifesto was written by our Jillian Gallagher for the campaign, and does a great job capturing what The New Strong means.

She’s fierce. Powerful. Confident.

So is THE NEW STRONG™ apparel collection—created for women, 

by the women of ASICS. With it, we’re redefining what it means to be strong, 

what it means to be feminine.

Forging connections between performance and fashion, we’re for the 

Wellness Warrior however and wherever she moves: from the gym to 

the street to the world. Built on our brand DNA of Sound Mind and Sound

Body, our women-driven vision inspires women everywhere to seize 

their moment and their movement.

Together, we’re reimagining strength to be mental, physical, emotional, 

inspirational. And together, we rise up with our rallying cry.

What does “The New Strong” mean to you? We asked our staff and here were some of the responses:

“The New Strong is a reminder to embrace whatever it is that inspires you and sparks your confidence. And to be open to where that inspiration might come from because it could be from someone or something that you least expect. And an awareness that confidence comes in many forms to – but all beautiful in their own right.”
–Lisa Strock, SVP | Managing Director Buffalo

“Having been called bossy all my life, to me, The New Strong means I can confidently say that I am instead a strong leader. I see the same qualities in my 5 year old daughter who is “leading” her classmates all day long while they play and I will never worry about her feeling insecure about her strong personality.” 
–Kate Chokshi, Account Director

“The New Strong” to me is the image of my tiny 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter giggling while hurtling down a ski slope, and then dancing around in the lodge like a ballerina. Fearless, comfortable, confident. No door is closed. Opportunities are endless.”
–John Jiloty, VP | Social Media & Content

“New Strong to me means girls being unapologetically honest to themselves and to each other. It means supporting each other and bringing other women up and not tearing them down. It means holding each other accountable and growing to be the best versions of ourselves and setting a strong example for future generations.”
–Dima Maddah, Manager of Social Media & Content

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