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Patriots Won in Overtime But Who Took Home the Ads Win?

8 min read
February 6, 2017

Last night’s Super Bowl was a battle between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots– and the advertisers. In the first ever Super Bowl overtime period, the Patriots took home a memorable win. But who won the advertising game? According to the USA Today, Melissa McCarthy’s “Hero’s Journey,” for the Kia Niro was ranked highest on their ad meter. We thought it’d be fun to ask TMG and MDPR groupies to share their favorite ads. Here’s what they had to say.


Tide’s “No Stain Deserves Fame” 

I really like the funny ads. I love a good laugh. My favorite was Tide “No Stain Deserves Fame,” with Terry Bradshaw. And I loved it because it shows that even old men can do laundry. A great nod to P&G’s efforts to bring more expand their target.

-Meg Hunter, Business Development Manager


84 Lumber’s “The Journey”

This ad had it all. It was beautifully shot and immediately hooked me in with the intrigue of going to their website to find out more, a CTA that I always think is smart. In this case the website crashed, but it was quickly made apparent that you could find the video on YouTube. The video was amazing, and right up until the end I wasn’t entirely sure how 84 Lumber fit in. The ending was fantastic, and really promoted such a positive message that was also on-brand for 84 Lumber. The YouTube video had 3,121 views as of halftime of the Super Bowl. It was over 2.8 million by Monday morning at 9 a.m., and generated a TON of social media conversation.

-John Jiloty, Vice President Social Media & Content


Kia’s “Hero’s Journey”

Anything Melissa McCarthy gets involved in is deemed to be humorous. She’s a phenomenal actress in my opinion, and her lighthearted personality and sarcastic demeanor just made this one of my favorite ads last night.

-Sarah Richheimer, Social Media & Public Relations Coordinator


Honda’s “Talking Yearbook” 

Didn’t see many but the one that resonated the most was the talking yearbook ad. It was entertaining and humorous but I didn’t see a strong relation to the car company tagged at the end. Honda I think. I’m also very disappointed that I have to wait until Halloween to see the next series of Stranger Things.

-Dave, Creative Director 


Honda’s “Talking Yearbooks,” Bai’s “Jentleman,” Skittles’ “Romance”  

I was really looking forward to a few hours of entertainment and unplugging from all that is going on in this country, so I tended to favor the more humorous and less political ads. My three favorites were Honda (Yearbooks), Bai (Jentleman) and Skittles (Romance).

And unlike many Buffalonians, I loved the outcome of the game.

-Dick Shaner, Senior Vice President, MDPR


Ford’s “Go Further” 

Because we’ve all been there and see a little bit of ourselves in each person’s struggle. The brand message is based on truth and reality. You can see how there’s synergy between Ford’s internal and external brand communication. It inspires behavior and action from Ford consumers and employees to “Go Further” when you find that you’re stuck.

-Blake Carbone, Brand Manager 


Ford’s “Go Further” 

My favorite was the Ford ad. I love the kind of TV spots that are engaging and intriguing at the same time. They immediately suck you in with interesting scenarios and beautiful visuals, leaving you wondering where the spot is headed and who it is for. When you do find out, it makes a lasting impact and there is little chance you will recall the commercial but not the company it was for. This spot simultaneously positioned Ford as the reliable company you have known for generations that will never, ever leave you stranded, and as the company that will lead transportation into the future. Perfect for the Ford brand that has fanatically loyal older customers and that has to appeal to a new younger audience to stay relevant.

-Duane Bombard, Vice President, Creative Director


Tiffany & Co’s “Introducing Lady Gaga for Tiffany Hardwear”

I found Tiffany & Co.’s ad with Lady Gaga the most striking. In the sea of highly produced, spectacular ads, it was very cool to see such a simple and intimate take like this. Seeing Gaga play the harmonica and talk about her approach to life while casually lounging on the floor definitely brought a new, casual and edgy element to this brand without sacrificing their integrity. Her closing message of “[society says] it’s too pretentious to talk about how creative you are… I don’t feel that way at all, I think it’s empowering and important” was also epic to hear as a creative professional, and a reason why I’ve always been a huge Gaga fan. Between this ad and her halftime performance, Gaga definitely killed it.

-Emily Pumm, Multimedia Specialist 


Hyundai’s “Operation Better” 
Hyundai Motor America, having been awarded #1 on last year’s USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter, remained ahead of the curve with its live commercial as part of “Operation Better.” The end result was unexpected and innovative – not only did Hyundai arrange the logistics of filming in Zagan, Poland – and turning around a polished final product by the end of game time – but the technology used as part of this spot was impressive. Screens surrounding pre-selected soldiers created a setting that made them feel as though they were in Houston, TX watching the Super Bowl live with their families. Beyond having the forethought to plan multiple shoots which included a live component, expedited editing and turnaround, Hyundai purchased the three 30-second spots immediately following the confetti drop to air the commercial. The spot was also timely, and more patriotic than political. The Chief Creative Officer at Hyundai’s agency, Innocean Americas described the ad as a way to be heroes for the heroes themselves, saying that it’s because of the work of the U.S. Armed Forces that NFL players are able to take the field and that so many of us are able to enjoy the Super Bowl each year.
-Kelsey Hanks, Public Relations Specialist 

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