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We’re Ready for You Super Bowl 50!

1 min read
February 4, 2016

TMG-11753 Super Bowl 800x500

We’re all getting ready for Super Bowl 50 to premiere this Sunday, whether it’s for the game, the half-time show or strictly the commercials.

Here are a few leaked ads to keep an eye out for on Sunday. From Budweiser and T-Mobile, to Pokemon celebrating its 20th anniversary, we’re excited to watch the big game and see the rest on Sunday!

Don’t miss out on two TMG TV spots: ECMC (featuring Jim Kelly) and Kaleida (top 2% in the nation honor).

This year, CBS is charging as much as $5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad. That’s 11 percent higher than the $4.5 million NBC charged in the 2015 Super Bowl, the most-watched broadcast in the history of U.S. television at around 114 million viewers. According to Kantar Media, the price of a 30-second spot has increased by approximately 75 percent over the last decade alone, and ad purchases generate a total of $2.19 billion in sales, according to Bleacher Report.

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